It’s Your Call

The Qur’aan mentions that a salient feature of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam and of those who follow him is to call people to Allah.

By and large, this duty is being carried out by only a handful of Muslims. We all need to add this to our job descriptions of being professionals, tradesmen, housewives and students.

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam went to great lengths to deliver the call of Islam. He visited trade fairs, met people coming for pilgrimage to Makkah, went out to places like Taif and called individuals to Islam. His companions continued this throughout their lives, never becoming complacent and saying: enough people have become Muslim, so we can stop.
Each one of us should evolve a program for passing on the message of Islam to workers, business associates, maids, friends and fellow learners. Do not despair if there are no results: the goal is to pass on the message, while ultimate guidance is in the Hands of Allah.

Before breaking the ice, equip yourself with tools to add impact to your call.
Read about Islam, especially subjects which non-Muslims object to, like Hijab.
Learn a little (or a lot) about erroneous beliefs of non-Muslims.
Attend classes hosted by Da’wah movements to get basic skills.

The target audience should be those who are in contact with us daily like family, workers and maids. Then extend your circle to business colleagues and even complete strangers. But the ideal opportunity can strike at any time. Be prepared.

Do not try to give everything in one go. If the person is interested, arrange several sessions.
Do not be abusive in your approach. Use a careful choice of words.
Be innovative. Maybe you can’t speak well. Then give out literature or CD’s. Help with writing and printing these. Use dedicated dinners or feeding schemes to invite towards Islam. The more you try it, the more confidence you will gain.

A dedicated Da’wah office called Islam Awareness Centre is being launched in Port Elizabeth. This will help start you off with resources and tools.

Everyone needs to be involved. We might be 2% of the population, but then every country which took to Islam started off at 0%. It needed a few words and effort and people’s hearts opened up to Islam.