Weight of Dua

Fathima came to the grocer and asked for some items on account. The grocer refused. She begged him to allow her as her family was in dire straits.
Hussein, standing nearby, said he would pay for the goods she took. The grocer meanly said that Fathima could put her grocery list on the scale and take goods to the weight of the list. Fathima wrote on a paper and placed it on the scale.
Astoundingly, the scale tipped down on the list’s side. The grocer continued putting items yet the pan on the list’s side refused to rise. He stopped, gave Fathima the goods and Hussein paid for them later. The grocer looked at the paper. On it was written: Dear Allah, You know my family's position, so please help me.
Later on it was discovered that the scale was broken. Indeed, Allah Ta’ala accepts the call of one who calls unto Him.

Adapted from: Al Misbaah Vol1 No.6