Three Stones

There were three stones. Each had a dream: the one wished that he would be used as a bricks to build the splendid palace of a king, surrounded by gold and jewels. The second wished to be used in a beautiful fountain. The third wished to be a part of the most magnificent place on earth.

One day, a person began building a structure. He used the first stone as a brick in the plain, square building. The brick felt let down. The second stone was used by a lady to construct an ordinary well around a flowing spring. How far removed from his dreams of a fountain was this, thought the stone. The third stone was crushed and used to fill the grave of a man who had passed away. This stone had dreamt of being part of the most magnificent part of earth, yet he was being used in a grave.

After a while the three stones realized that they had misjudged: in actual fact their dreams had been fulfilled beyond their wildest imaginations due to their link with Allah. The first stone had been used to build the Ka’bah, the blessed House of Allah, King of kings. The second had been used by Hajira alaihas salaam to form the well of Zam Zam, the most blessed water on earth. And the third had been used to fill the resting place of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, the most magnificent place on earth.

All our hopes will be crowned with success if we introduce the Commands of Allah within them. On the outside we might seem to be failures but within we would only know the true happiness we are enjoying.