Marriage: Dealing with Conflict

Some common problems in marriage and how to deal with them:

1. Money
Couples argue over many things but money is by far one of the most frequent and serious. Discuss issues openly. One of the ways to avoid arguments about money is to make an easy budget which tracks expenses, income, investments, and establishes a framework for taking care of regular family necessities. Also, learn how to make a budget and deal with debt. Islam encourages moderate spending.

2. In Laws
A few ways to maintain a good relationship with in laws:
a. Remember your spouse's parents have known them longer. Never make an issue of ‘me or them’.
b. Never compare your wife to your mother or your husband to your dad.
c. Do not forbid your spouse from seeing family unless you fear for their religion and safety.
d. Give grandparents easy and reasonable access to their grandchildren.

3. Sexual dysfunction
This is one of the least talked about problems, but is wreaking havoc in a number of marriages. Islamic law gives even a wife rights in this matter: A lady Sahabi openly outlined her problems in this regard to the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. Exposure to unnatural concepts of romance plays a damaging role as well. Many couples do not learn the Islamic perspective on sex and marriage. Thus, when they are not satisfied with their spouse, many turn to others or seek divorce, instead of a solution. Marital relationships in this area, as in others, need work and patience and cannot be the subject of whims and impatience.