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  • When Italy ruled Somalia, the Ulama there passed rulings that anyone who learnt Italian was a traitor to Islam.
  • When Britain ruled India, the Ulama there were virulently anti-British and even exhorted the Muslims not to speak English.
  • In 1982 the organization of senior Ulama in Saudi Arabia, seeing the trend towards using European numerals in writing, passed a resolution forbidding its use and that only Arabic numbers should be used. The Islamic Fiqh Academy of Makkah endorsed this ruling.

The far-sighted Ulama of these lands saw the end result of following non-Muslims and the West in even the ’small’ things like dressing, language and writing. They stated that adopting these ways was the first step in the Westernisation of Islamic society and thus the abandonment of Islam which is a complete culture and way of life.
The capital of the Muslim world, Turkey, was transformed to an un-Islamic country within a few years by the symbols of Muslim identity like the Fez (head cap) and Arabic alphabet being banned.