Ultimate Computer Virus

The Devil held a meeting one day,
Furious as he watched Muslims in Ramadan pray,
If they go on at this rate,
They’ll all enter Paradise through Rayyan’s gate,
But I promised to lead the children of Aadam astray,
This Ramadan thing’s clearly not going my way.
One of his chained jinns looked up from the herds,
And said, if ye bid me sire to say some words,
I have just the plan to fool the Muslim ummah,
And seduce them away from Jannah.
Microchips – Its called the internet
Its an idea you gotta hear - you won’t regret,
I’ve thought long and hard about this one,
And boy, Oh boy…is this some fun.
At the touch of a key they have an Islamic forum,
They think they’re increasing faith with decorum,
And they log on and click with their mouse,
Not realising they’ve entered Satan’s house.
We’ll teach them to backbite, argue and fight,
To leave reciting Qur’an and their heavenly light,
At the touch of a button they can curse the scholars,
A laptop costs just a few hundred dollars,
Interacting in chatrooms from Pakistan to France,
What began as da’wah often ends up in Romance.
Lost in useless bits, bytes and endless sights
They’ll waste away the precious nights.
For the very sinful, there’ll be pornography
Music, dancing and much debauchery.

The ultimate computer virus is called shaitaan,
That Trojan horse will snatch away your imaan.
Oh Slave of Allah be not so sordid,
Your internet access is being tapped and recorded
By angels on your shoulders that accompany you,
You might escape cameras but never Allah’s view.
Use technology to please the Lord of Creation
Avoid trivial pursuits and satanic temptation.