MSA Port Elizabeth

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a national organization. It aims to underline Islamic values, build a network between the Islamic societies of SA universities and help Muslim youth develop leadership skills and Islamic knowledge.

To enable students in tertiary institutions to practice Islam as a complete way of life. With other Islamic Societies of SA universities, MSA:
Helps Muslim students conduct social, religious, and other activities;
Promotes unity among Muslims;
Promotes friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims;
Makes Islamic teachings known via publications, newsletters, e-mails and events.

The national MSA prints Ar Risaalah (The Message), with articles on events from different campuses and other subjects. The local MSA:

  • Publishes MSA Horizon magazine,
  • Organizes Children’s Home Charity Events,
  • Organizes Taraweeh, Juma and Iftaar on campus,
  • Holds Old-Age Home Charity Drives, and
  • Haaji Gift Pack Campaigns.

To learn more about MSA or participate or assist in any event, contact:
Mohamed Cassim Tel: 083 350 2316
Faaiq Andrews Tel: 076 564 7030