Displaying Islam

Muslims are becoming more comfortable with displaying Islam in oublic. This was not the case a few years back. We need to use this new confidence to make the non-Muslims whom we interact with aware of true Islam. They are extremely curious to know this beautiful way of life. Here’s a tip from an American Muslim kid on a way to show Islam to non-Muslim teachers at school:
It was a lunch done by Muslim high school students for their teachers on the approach of Ramadaan. The object was to make the school staff more aware of Ramadaan. The luncheon was made of traditional Muslim food. The principal was approached for permission. Ladies from the community pledged to cook a dish.
Colourful pamphlets were put up in the staff room and office. Invitations were given to each staff member. The room was decorated and one of the students prepared a short speech on Ramadaan explaining a few of the rules and how he, as a Muslim, benefitted from fasting.
The teachers enjoyed the variety of food and complimented the students on the opportunity to learn about Islam.
This is just an example. Everyone can see the job or situation they are in and find ways to innovatively present Islam to non-Muslims. It’s not hard. It just needs some planning and thought.
Muslim Teens, E & M Beshir