Winning Hearts

Ways from the Hadith on winning people’s hearts:

SMILE: It is the first arrow and the fastest of all. ‘Smiling at your brother's face is charity’. Sahaaba report they had never seen someone smile at other more then the Prophet . The Hadith says: ‘Do not ever waste your good deeds, even by meeting your brother with a frowning face.’

BE FIRST TO GREET: This arrow lets you to into the innermost depths of others’ hearts. The Hadith tells us the better one is he who initiates the greeting. We are also told that making salaam common will increase mutual love thus perfecting our faith and allowing ud to enter Paradise. (Muslim)

EXCHANGE PRESENTS: It captivates a person. The Prophet told us that giving presents increases love. He also said: ‘Shaking hands removes hatred and exchanging presents enhances love and ends enmity.’

BE A GOOD LISTENER: Listen patiently and don’t interrupt the speaker. The Prophet never interrupted a speaker till he ended his speech.

BE SOCIABLE: The Hadith says that being sociable is charity. The Prophet was asked about the deeds which will lead most people into Paradise. He replied, ‘The fear of Allah and good manners.’ (Tirmizi)

EXCUSE SHORTCOMINGS: The Muslim who conceals the faults of another Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults on the Day of Qiyaamah. (Sahih Muslim)