Schauder Jamaat

Schauderville is an area next to Korsten in Port Elizabeth. Muslims have been living there for over 50 years, yet there is still no Musjid in the area. Muslims, most of them very poor, are surrounded by 10 churches in the area.

A survey found that there are 120 Muslim families in a radius of 3km. Among them are many single-mother families and a lot of inter-religious marriages. Despite all this, the spirit of Islam is burning strong in the area.

Al Ansaar established a small, wooden Jamaat Khana in the area. A Madresa caters for about 30 children daily out of about 100 Muslim children in the area.
Salaah is read daily.
The work of Tabligh is making inroads.
Regular Islamic talks are held.
For the past 2 years, Hafiz Muhammad Laher has finished the Khatam of Qur’aan in Taraweeh in the Jamaat Khana. In total about 40 men and women attended daily.
15 Radio Islam satellite dishes were sponsored for families in Schauderville this Ramadaan bringing Islam to thirsty homes.
Musjidul Huda (Korsten)’s feeding scheme provides some families with monthly groceries.

The Schauderville community is crying for Islam. Plans are in place to acquire council land for a small Musjid/Madresa which will bring more of the light of Islam to the area.

082 666 6054 or 078 672 7797