The Association of Lawyers and Accountants for Islamic Law (AMAL) was established in 1984. AMAL is a member of SANHA and serves on its Executive Board.

To bring together Islamically-minded persons engaged in Accounting and Law and to foster the spirit of brotherhood, research and co-operation,
To assist professionals and individuals in developing an Islamic ethos in their professions,
To carry out research in matters pertaining to Islamic Law and Commerce which are of benefit to Muslims and the public at large,
To organise conferences, seminars and workshops.

AMAL has embarked on numerous seminars, workshops and discussions to promote these aims.
With the discussions of the South African Law Commission on Muslim marriages and related matters, AMAL has held seminars on Muslim Personal Law with resource persons from the International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Tel: 031 401 0031
Cell: 083 578 6688