Cliffhanger: Do You Trust Allah?

A man wanted to climb this very high mountain, covered in snow. However, he wanted to do it by himself as he wanted all the fame and glory so he started to climb very early one morning. He climbed and the entire day passed and night began to fall and he still kept on climbing.
Just as he was about to reach the top he slipped and started falling. He fell until he reached a metre from the ground at the bottom and the rope caught him. In the dark, hanging on for dear life, not knowing how high up he was, he was terrified and screamed out loud: ‘Allah please help me!’ An Angel came down and said to him: ‘Do you really think that Allah can help you? Do you trust Him’ ‘Yes,’ replied the man, ‘I do.’ The Angel said: ‘Allah commands you to cut the rope.’
The man was very suprised and shocked. The Angel repeated himself: ‘Allah commands you to cut the rope.’ The man was terrified and tied the rope tighter around his waist. He hung there in the bitter cold, eventually freezing to death, being too terrified to move and keep his blood circulating. A rescue team found the man dead, hanging just one metre from the ground.
How tight are your ropes? Do you trust Allah when He promises rewards for different deeds in the Qur’aan? Would you cut your ropes if Allah commanded you to? Place your trust I the formula for success outlined by Allah Ta’ala in the Qur’aan.