The Need for Love in Marriage

This is the most important need. Couples have a tendency overlook it. Love is vital for happiness of marital life. Couples should renew their love continuously. The following are methods that nurture love between husband and wife:

Do not compare premarital relations and marriage. It is unfair. Couples frequently worry about absence of the intense emotions felt before. They forget these feelings mature into other types of love and express themselves in more mature ways.

Do not surrender to life's burdens. Marital life can get complicated, especially when children enter the picture. Couples feel the everyday pressure of caring for children, their homes and spouses. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and forget to smile or laugh.

Do not use other couples as the standard. Husbands and wives should refrain from making comparisons with other couples. The husband must not tell his wife so and so is better than you, nor vice versa. It offends.

Be forgiving of shortcomings. Look past minor failings and concentrate on the positive. The focus should be on good deeds and encouragement of anything that promotes harmony, respect and love.

Simplicity. Life is complicated enough. Work to simplify it for one another. Home should be a sanctuary from the stresses of life.

Express your love. Couples should express their love to each other by all means possible. They should nurture, strengthen and enjoy it. Our Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) was the most loving husband. This expression may be needed more when the wife goes through difficult times, like pregnancy or delivery. A loving touch, a gentle word or a smile, are often all it takes to assure the other of your love, support and appreciation.