Miracle in Iraq

In 1932 the King of Iraq had a dream.
He saw the Sahaabi Huzaifa bin Yamaan (radhiallahu anhu) saying that water had seeped into his grave and moisture in the grave of another Sahaabi Jaabir bin Abdullah (radhiallahu anhu).
For the 2nd day he saw the same dream. On the third day the Grand Mufti had the same dream. The graves were near the Tigris River and the government did some tests but found no water. Again the Mufti had the dream and a ruling was issued to move the graves.
Newspapers carried the story and the occasion was set for 10 days after Eid ul Adha as many Hujjaj wanted to come. An estimated half a million people gathered and the government waived the normal need for visas, etc. Many countries sent representatives and Egypt’s Crown Prince Farooq also attended.
The bodies were lifted with cranes on stretchers. Although they were buried more than 1300 years ago, the shrouds were intact, their hair unchanged. A light shone from their eyes. A German TV crew set up cameras so all could see the operation. The Janaaza prayers were read. Baghdad cinemas showed it the next day.
This occurred in the last week of April 1932 on a Monday. A German scientist present accepted Islam.

This incident is reported from a few sources but we could not confirm its absolute authenticity.