Surviving School

Here are tips to help a Muslim student survive a non-Muslim school/university environment:

1. Find a good social circle: The biggest influence in the life of a student is his social circle. A good friend is one who can entertain you and at the same time bring you closer to Allah. Do not be afraid to lose friends in pursuit of saving your faith.

2. Halal-ify your home: Half of a successful student life depends on a healthy and Islamically-conducive home. To make your home free from distractions, create a quiet and comfortable workspace for yourself. Avoid at all costs the proximity of a TV and the internet. Limit useless activities on the computer by placing it in a high-traffic room. Try to spend as little time alone as possible.

3. Spend quality time with family: An important aspect of improving the home environment is improving one’s relationship with family. Take out half-hour daily to talk with parents. Let them know what you do outside the home and you will gain their trust. Talk to them about your problems and personal dilemmas. If you are an older sibling, make the effort to be a good adviser for younger brothers and sisters.

4. Guard your gaze: The most common cause for loss of focus and poor memory is negligence in guarding the gaze. Don’t look at members of the opposite sex and spend as little time as possible in mixed settings. Free yourself from TV and internet addiction by ridding yourself access to them. Have a parent regulate internet usage with parental control software. Share your passwords with family to avoid the possibility of illicit relationships.

5. Go to the Masjid: Attend as many congregational salats as possible. Sit in the daily and weekly programs in the Masjid. Make your local Masjid the centerpiece of your social activities. Do not be afraid to discuss personal issues with Ulama.