The Flying Bed

There was once a pious man whose wife used to constantly nag him. One day the man prayed for a miracle to demonstrate his piety to his wife that she would show him respect.
He was given the ability to fly upon his bed. This he did several times in front of her but she didn’t take much notice. He eventually landed and asked if she’d seen the man flying on the bed. She replied in the affirmitive and said that he was a genuine pious person unlike her husband who performed no miracles. The pious man told her that it was he who had flown on the bed. Instead of praising him, his wife said: ‘So that’s why the bed was flying crooked! You can’t even fly a bed straight!’
There are lessons for husbands and wives: do not constantly pick out negatives in ones partner. Try to find positives in what they do and turn negatives into positives. Praise ones spouse for their good qualities and the good they do. Don’t let it lead to a situation where they need to beg for attention, praise, or words of encouragement.