Wedding Stress

It’s the big occasion: your marriage, but you’re getting really stressed out. Here are some ways to calm down:

1. Establish a system of consultation
Who should suggest where the wedding takes place? Who makes the final decision in the event of a deadlock? Decide on a system of consultation where ideally everyone has input into how things will be run. Also decide who has the final say. This will reduce tension and stress.

2. Avoid arguing over petty things
How should spoons and bowls be set up? What color should tablecloths be at the Walima? When it comes to weddings, the emotionally tense environment can lead people to make mountains out of molehills. It's better to have a simpler wedding and that in the end, it's not the minute details of your Walima that will really make your marriage successful.

3. Decide wedding ground rules
How will proper Hijab be maintained at the wedding reception? How will the food be served? How will prayer be accommodated during the event? These are crucial issues that must be dealt with right from the start. Once they have been discussed and agreed upon, that's one less source of tension and conflict to deal with.

4. You are not alone
Are you the only person to ever get married or organize a wedding? Of course not! Billions of humans have done this. Take comfort in the fact that those butterflies in your stomach have flown in the insides of generations individuals before you.