Durban Beach Shelter

Started by Mohamedu Sahul, a former rice mill owner who escaped the war in Sri Lanka and came to South Africa in 1999, the Durban Beach Shelter provides a place to stay for 150 homeless people.
After many years of trying, the Durban municipality awarded him a premises to shelter these people. Mr Mohamedu gives each of the people at the shelter a warm bed, breakfast and supper daily. The rental, water and electricity for the premises is paid by Mr Mohamedu and his colleague from money donated to them.
The shelter does not allow alcohol or drugs on the premises. Some of the homeless have even converted to Islam after seeing the help a Muslim has given them. Mr Mohamedu tries to cook special meals on Eid and other special Islamic days.
This shelter is doing a little to keeping the homeless away from crime and prostitution. Any assistance in the form of money, bedding or groceries is most welcome.

Mr Mohamedu Sahul
Tel: 031 337 0502
Cell: 083 527 3512

Information from Al Ummah
Volume 9 Issue 1