Muslim World Records

Largest same-name gathering was 20,000 people named Muhammad in Libya.

Largest kurta in the world is 30m long and 18m wide, in Pakistan. It weighs 800kg and is made with 731m of cotton.

Largest serving of fried chicken was in Qatar, with a basket of 300kg fried chicken.

Longest string of prayer beads (Tasbeeh) made by Mustafa Kara, India, with a 25m long, 60kg string of 999 beads.

Most expensive car number plate bought by businessman Saeed Khouri for R109 million for number plate labeled ‘1’ in UAE.

Highest flag-staff is 133m high in Turkmenistan with a 420kg flag.

Largest man-made island, with an area of 46.35 million m², is Palm Deira in Dubai.

Tallest man-made structure is Burj Dubai, UAE at 636m in May 2008 and still being built.

Highest Minaret is at Hassan II Musjid, Morocco at 210m.

Highest Hotel is Rose Tower, UAE at 333m.

Highest Twin Towers is Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia at 521m.

Largest fireworks display was in Dubai, UAE with fireworks reaching 300m.

Biggest carpet is in Sheikh Zayed Musjid, UAE 6,000m² made in Iran.

Largest chandelier is in Sheikh Zayed Musjid, UAE, 15m high.

Smallest working steam engine with crankshaft bearings, piston and valves built by Iqbal Ahmed, India, 6.8mm high, 16.24mm long and weighs 1.72gm.