Historical Sites in Damascus

These are some of the reported places of historical note in Damascus, Syria:

  • Tomb of Zaynab, Daughter of Hazrat Ali and Fatima [Radhiallahu anhuma]
  • Tomb of Ruqayya : daughter of Husayn [Radhiallahu Anhu]
  • Tomb of Umm Kulthum : sister of Husayn [radhiallahu anhu]
  • Tomb of Fidha, maid of Fatima [Radhiallahu anha] (the Prophet's (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) daughter)
  • Tomb of Obay ibn Ka'b [rahiallahu anhu]: husband of Halima [radhiallahu anha], nursing mother of the Prophet [sallallahu alaihi wa sallam]
  • Tomb of Bilal al-Habashi, Muazzin of the Prophet [sallallahu alaihi wa sallam]
  • Tomb of Abdullah bin Umm Maktoum - Muazzin in the Prophet [sallallahu alaihi wa sallam]’s time
  • Tomb of Fatima bint Husayn [Radhiallahu anhuma]
  • Burial place of the heads of the martyrs of Karbala.
  • Mausoleum of Sakina : daughter of Husayn [radhiallahu anhu]
  • Grave of Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) son of Zakariya [alaihimas salaam]
  • Place where head of Husayn [radhiallahu anhu] is said to have been buried
  • Cave of Ashab al-Kahf
  • Footprint of Ali [Radhiallahu anhu]
  • Place where Qabil killed his brother Habil (sons of Adam [alaihis salaam])
  • Fingerprint of Jibrail [alaihis salaam]
  • Place where 40 Prophets are buried