Landmarks of Islam in America

By Fareed H. Numan

1178 - Chinese Sung Document records voyage of Muslim sailors to Mu-Lan-Pi (America).
1310 - Abu Bakari Muslim king of Mali, spearheads sea voyages to the New World.
1312 - African Muslims (Mandinga) from West Africa arrive in the Gulf of Mexico for exploration of America.
1530 - African slaves arrive. During the slave trade, more than 10 million were brought. 30% were Muslim. They became the backbone of the American economy.
1527 - Estevanico of Azamor, a Muslim from Morocco, lands in Florida. He became the first of 3 to cross the continent. 2 states owe their beginnings to him: Arizona and New Mexico.
1790 - Moors (Muslims) from Spain are reported living in South Carolina and Florida.
1807 - Yarrow Mamout, an African Muslim slave, is freed, and becomes one of the first shareholders of the 2nd chartered bank in America, Columbia Bank. Yarrow may have lived to 128 years old, the oldest person in American history.
1828 - Abdulrahman Ibn Sori, a prince from West Africa and now a salve, is freed by order of Pres John Adams.
1840 - Sayyid Sa'id, ruler of Oman’s ship The Sultana reached New York on a trade mission.
1856 - US cavalry hires a Muslim Hajji Ali to experiment with raising camels in Arizona.
1893 - Muslim immigrants from Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire arrive.
1915 - Albanian Muslims build the first Masjid in Maine and establish an Islamic association.
1920 - Red Crescent, a Muslim charity modeled after Red Cross, established in Detroit.