Madressa Noor for the Blind

Madressa Noor for the Blind was established in 1986 in Pietermaritzburg as a non-profit institute catering for the Islamic education of the visually impaired.
THE MADRESSA HAS a curriculum extending from pre-primary to matriculation level. Subjects offered include Qur’aan, Hadith, Aqaaid, Fiqh and Islamic History.
These are imparted via the medium of Braille. Low vision aids and large print are also used.
ISLAMIC LITERATURE is transcribed into Braille with the Braille Press and is available free on loan to members worldwide.
THERE IS ALSO A tape library service. Islamic books are recorded onto cassettes and members’ selections are mailed to them free of postage in special containers.
Membership is free to all visually handicapped persons.
THIS AND MUCH more is offered by this unique Madressa. It is an eye-opener and a lesson that every individual Muslim can serve Islam and the community in his special way with the skills he or she possesses.