The Ka'bah

The small, cubed building known as the Kaba may not rival skyscrapers in height, but its impact on history is unmatched.

The height is about 11.8m and area about 58.25m². The ceiling and roof are teak capped with steel. The walls are stone. It has been built/rebuilt by at least 4 Prophets.

After a flash flood the walls cracked. The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) helped in this reconstruction. It was destroyed in 64 AH and ibn Zubayr (radhiallahu anh) built it from the ground up on the foundation of Ibrahim (alaihis salaam). He put the roof on three pillars, put 2 doors, & the Hateem was included. He put a small window and moved the doors to ground level.
In 74 AH, Hajjaj bin Yusuf restored it as the Quraish had it. He walled up 1 door (the signs are still visible). The structure remained thus for 966 years, with minor repairs. In 1039 AH, after floods, 2 walls fell down. In 1040 AH construction took place under Murad Khan, the Ottoman Khalifa. From the Black stone down the current construction is the same as that of ibn Zubayr. The building is as the Quraysh had built.

After 400 years a major reconstruction took place in 1996. The only original thing left are the stones. An eyewitness account of the inside: there are 2 pillars (others report 3), a table to put items like perfume, 2 lamps hanging from the ceiling, the space can hold about 50 people, the walls and floors are of marble and the upper inside walls are covered with a curtain.