The Lost City of Iram

In the 1990s the Lost city of Ubar was found. This city was referred to in the Qur’an. Many thought that it was a legend. Pictures taken by NASA showed caravan trails which converged at a city covered in sand. This city belonged to ‘Ad and Iram’s pillars because towers were found. Towers were the distinctive feature of Ubar, and Iram was mentioned with towers or pillars in the Qur’an. This was proof that it was Iram, the city of ‘Ad in the Qur’an.
The Qur’an says: Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the 'Ad (people),- Of the (city of) Iram, with lofty pillars, The like of which were not produced in (all) the land? (Surat al-Fajr: 6-8)