Muslim Mediation and Arbitration Council

The Muslim Mediation and Arbitration Council (MMAC) is now established for two years.
The MMAC provides an avenue for Muslims to have their disputes resolved without having to go to court. There are about 26 specially trained Ulama and lawyers as panellists. Settlements reached through the proper processes are also recognised by the court.

There are a number of advantages of referring your case to the MMAC:

  • You can decide to resolve your disputes according to the Law of Allah Ta’ala rather than the court where you are bound by secular law.
  • You can opt for a suitable time and place to have your dispute mediated and arbitrated.
  • In many instances arbitration cost is cheaper and the process faster than lawsuits.
  • You have a choice regarding your arbitrator/mediator. This allows for less tension in the process and makes it friendlier.
  • You by-pass the frustration of having to go to court, which may have a long waiting list.
  • There is more privacy for the parties.
  • You still retain the right to have your matter heard by the High Court if you feel that the mater was procedurally wrong or there was bias.

For more info:
MMAC Desk Officer
+27 (0)11 373 8000