Al Fidaa Foundation

Al Fidaa Foundation was established in 2008 by Moulana Nazeer Munshie in Port Elizabeth. It runs several community projects and seeks to alleviate poverty as well as preserve Islam in the poorer communities.

Some Projects
Helenvale Soup Kitchen: From Monday to Thursday, the poor as well as AIDS patients and terminally ill are given soup and bread as well as fresh fruit weekly.
Kensington Maktab: An area of 50 Muslim families. A Jamaat Khana and Maktab have been established. An Islamic Centre is envisaged.
Helenvale Maktab: Previously called Katanga and notorious for gang shootouts. A Maktab was set up and students are given a meal daily.
Missionvale Resource Centre: A soup kitchen is run for Muslims and non-Muslims Monday to Thursday.
Skills Centre: A project designed to equip the poor with basic work skills such as welding, sewing, etc in order to make them independent.

Several other projects are in the pipeline such as feeding schemes in other poor areas as well as a temporary shelter for abused women. All projects depend on public funding from the Muslim community.

Contact Details
Euphorbia Street, Malabar
Tel: 041 457 4194
Cell: 083 349 5668