AN INCIDENT comes to mind. When my sister's son was five, she read the usual children's stories to him. After he had "digested" Jack and the Beanstalk and Goldilocks, he said to her one day, " Goldilocks is a thief, she went into the bears’ house when they were not there. She ate porridge and slept in their beds without their permission. That is dishonest, mum." His comment on Jack was that he went into the giant’s house uninvited. This was rude and he deserved to be punished.
Sometimes it takes an honest child's impression to know that as Muslim parents, we also fall into the trap of not being consistent with our knowledge of Islam.
We teach our children about honesty, respect, love and obeying Allah Ta'ala's commandments, yet we do not follow up with examples in our daily lives. Stories about Sahaaba, and other pious Muslims, and their lives should become standard reading in every Muslim home. ¨
Sister Fadila