Five Streams

There was once a fort which had five streams supplying fresh water to it from outside. Ministers advised the king to dig a well within the fort in the eventuality of the streams being cut off.
The king refused, saying that how could the streams be cut off. If a few were blocked there were many more to carry on supplying water. One day enemies besieged the fort. They cut off all the water supplies from the five streams. It was too late for the king to dig a well within and people started dying.
This is the parable of our lives. We are constantly enjoying ourselves through the five streams of our senses: our sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Either we are taking forbidded pleasure through them or permissible enjoyment. The day will definitely come when all these senses are cut off and we are lying alone in a dark grave.
At that time, the onlt succour will be the well that we had dug within ourselves, in our hearts, of the obedience of Allah Ta’ala through good deeds like reciting the Qur’aan, reading Salaah, fasting, staying away from sin, etc.
Let us dig this well of the Love for Allah and doing things to make Him happy now before it’s too late and we cry tears of blood in anguish and despair. Let us become the friends of Allah about whom Allah says: Verily the friends of Allah shall not have fear nor shall they grieve.