The Paper Trail

Paper was invented in China 2000 years ago. But it was Muslims who developed it and introduced it to Europe. With paper came a revolution in nearly every art and profession. How did it happen?
From China, paper went to Muslim Central Asia in the 8th century. From then till the 14th century the Muslim world took paper from Asia to Persia, Baghdad, Damascus, Egypt, North Africa and finally to Muslim Spain. From here it entered the West.
Papermaking in Muslim lands brought enormous changes in literature, maths, science, medicine, astronomy, and commerce as Muslim professionals put pen to paper. Fez in North Africa had 400 paper mills in the 12th century. Europe was still in the Dark Ages.
Paper spread to Europe via Muslim Spain and the areas of Italy ruled by Muslims. Printing developed in Europe and not in Muslim lands as Arabic needed 600 sorts to make a font while a European language needed 275.
Muslims were vitally instrumental in bringing paper and with it advancement to Europe, as well as the expert knowledge on innumerable subjects that Muslims committed to paper. u