Love Letter

Imagine if a handsome Italian guy or beautiful Italian girl (depending on whether you're male or female) sent you a love letter in Italian and you don't know the language! What would you do?
As fast as possible, if not faster, we would get every word translated. If the writer wanted us to do something we would not hesitate to fulfill it.

Now what about the Qur'aan? It is a message from Allah, our Beloved (the Qur'aan states that all Muslims have intense love for Allah Ta'ala). Many of us do not understand the language of the Qur'aan, yet for 20, 30, 40, 50 even 60 years of our lives we do not bother to get it translated, to find out what it means.

We care not to find out if our Beloved is telling us to do anything to get closer to Him, nor does it trouble our sleep. Yes weput the message in a beautiful cover and every so often we might even take it out and read the message without knowing what it means.

Isn't it about time we realised that the Qur'aan has a message and that our Beloved Allah wants us to fulfill that message? Does a letter (or SMS, or e-mail) from an illicit lover warrant more attention than the message of our Most Beloved?