Muslim Judicial Council

The Muslim Judicial Council was established in Cape Town in 1945 with 62 members including Sheikhs and Imams. Meetings were initially held in Nurul Islam Mosque. Current HQ is in Athlone.

MJC has several departments handling different aspects of Muslim life. These include:

  • Social Welfare: Set up in 1945. On average 40 cases are handled daily, most related to divorce. Telephonically 80 to 100 inquiries come through daily.
  • Education: Running International Peace University of SA (IPSA), a merger between Darul Arqam Islamic Institute of the MJC and Islamic College of SA. IPSA oversees full time and evening classes for adults. Overseeing administration of Al-Azhar Institute Cape Town which provides pre-school, primary and high school education.
  • Halaal Trust: Formed in 1986. Halaal monitoring with full time inspectors. 75% of income is used for socio-religious development in the Muslim community.
  • Da’wah: Launched in 1999. Da’wah office has audio-visual section, library and meeting place. Worked in Khayelitsha, etc.
  • Other activities: Media Desk, Fatwa Department, Drug Rehabilitation Centre, Poverty Eradication Project, Liaising with govt and other community groups.

Contact Details
20 Cashel Avenue, Athlone, Cape Town
PO Box 38311, Gatesville, 7766
Tel: 021 696 5150
Fax: 021 696 5154