Waterval Islamic Institute

Waterval Islamic Institute was opened in July 1940 at Halfway House (between Johannesburg and Pretoria) by Haji Moosa Ismail Mia and Maulana Mohamed Mia. It was one of the first Islamic boarding institutes and has had a major impact on Muslims in South Africa via the numerous Islamic publications and its graduates.

Among the aims and objectives of the Institute were to impart Islamic knowledge and Islamic guidance to all Muslims, printing Islamic books and distributing them worldwide.

The Institute catered both for the religious and secular needs of Muslim students and provided free boarding and lodging to students and staff, conducted hifz classes, and courses in the training ulama.
The Waterval Islamic Institute's publications in Arabic, English and Urdu number over 128. The books and booklets of the Institute are widely used in South and southern Africa.
The Holy Qur’aan which they print is one of the most widely used in South Africa.
One of the many services for which the Muslims in South Africa are indebted to Maulana Mahomed Moosa Mia and his brothers is the publication in English for free distribution of a Will and Testament in accordance with Islamic Law.

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