Best Stain Remover

A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE mentioned that alcohol removes stains from clothing. This is correct and proves the amazing power of alcohol.

It also removes winter clothes, spring clothes and autumn clothes from a man, his wife and children if used in sufficient quantity.

Alcohol will remove furniture from the home, rugs from the floor, food from the table, lining from the stomach, vision from the eyes and judgement from the mind.

Alcohol will also remove reputations, good jobs, good friends and even life itself.
As a remover of things alcohol has no equal, the article concluded.

Selling Alcohol
The world's largest alcohol companies are facing a US lawsuit from parents worried that adverts are aimed at luring teenagers.

Seven producers were named in a lawsuit that accuses them of deliberately targeting youngsters.

Health groups link a surge in underage drinking to aggressive advertising.

One of the greatest concerns is that many youth turn from sweet, fizzy, alcopops to stronger tipples such as cider, beers, wines and vodka.

The Australian Drug Foundation is protesting the launch of cookies flavoured with alcoholic drinks. Another way to turn out younger drunkards!

Drinking is aggressively promoted on the one hand. Then an attempt is made to control its disastrous after effects!