Majority Vote

100,000 protesters gathered Sep 24, 2005 in Washington to protest the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. (AP, Sep 24, 2005) Other demonstrations were held in London, Rome and other European cities.
Only 400 pro war supporters gathered the next day at the same place to voice support for the war. (AP, Sep 25, 2005)

Extreme Abuse
New York Times got a 2,000-page US Army report on abuse by US soldiers in Afghanistan:

  • prisoner chained to a ceiling by his wrists for 4 days, then beaten 100 times in 24-hours until he died
  • Prisoner forced to pick bottle tops out of a drum filled with excrement
  • Interrogator kicking a man in the genitals
  • Human Rights Watch published a report which accused US soldiers of using excessive force, carrying out arbitrary detentions and mistreating people in custody.

Time Magazine (Jun 20, 2005) carried these details of months of torture on a suspect held with no evidence:

  • Bolted to the floor when interrogated
  • Woken at 4am and interrogated till midnight
  • Not allowed to go to toilet to relieve himself
  • Not allowed to pray at times
  • Beard shaved off
  • No blanket, air con turned on whole day

These are bits of the extreme torture used by the US on Muslims. The sexual abuse like that in Abu Ghraib, Iraq is also on the lengthy list.
Amnesty International calls Camp X-Ray the "Gulag of our time".
All torture is carried out on detainees held without evidence, allowed no lawyers and not charged in any court with any crime.