Parents, with their comments or attitude can have a negative influence on their children. Here are a few ways of positively encouraging them:

‘Mom! Dad! Look at what I did!’ Kids, their faces beaming with joy, running to their parents to show them ‘something special’ is an everyday occurrence. Sometimes parents immediately start finding fault. ‘Don't interrupt! I'm busy!’ they might say. Or they might criticize the treasure. The heartbroken child walks away maybe to give up ever trying to improve his drawing, writing, or school work.

Compliment Achievements
Timing is important. Learn to recognize the signs. Sometimes kids want to show parents what they have done to hear them say how good it is. Compliment the positives.

Encourage Positives
At times, kids take parents something with a questioning look. They know something is wrong and they want parents to tell them how to fix it. Look for positives and encourage it first. Negatives should be given in a spirit of advice, not criticism.

Abdullah Ibn Abbas radhiallahu anhuma (a youngster) once realised the Prophet sallallahua alaihi wa sallam needed water for Wudhu. He brought it and waited. The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam encouraged his zeal by making Dua for him. On another occasion he got up at night to read Tahajjud Salaah with the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, who didn’t reprimand him for interrupting his personal communication with Allah, but drew him next to him. These early encouragements saw Abdullah radhiallahu anhu’s enthusiasm for Islam grow and he become a highranking scholar of Islam.