Cup of Dreams

Youth Day, June 16, commemorates the lead that young children took in the fight against evil.
Muslim Youth have also played significant roles in the upliftment and defense of Islam.

The soccer world cup is the focus of world attention, 32 teams competing for the ultimate trophy. Muslim youngsters also have a goal to aim for: to be one of the seven teams that will be in the Shade of Allah Ta’ala’s Throne on the Day of Judgement when there will be no other shade.
Of the seven groups one will comprise youngsters who spent their childhood and teen years in the obedience of Allah Ta’ala. Intense preparation is needed to make it there.

The story of the People of the Cave is mentioned in Surah Kahf. They were youngsters who stood up and proclaimed the Oneness of Allah when all were worshipping idols.
Several lessons are derived from their story:

  • They took the lead in standing up for Islam despite the fact that no one else was with them.
  • Their age was no draw back. When youngsters give their lives to Allah, wonderful results are produced.
  • They left the evil company of the idol-worshippers. They were all drawn to the same spot despite the fact that none knew what the other was up to. When you become embroiled in sin, leave the company that makes you sin. Allah shall grant you good company.
  • Allah protected them from the evil of the king of the time by making them sleep for 309 years in a cave. When you form a resolution to stay away from sin, Allah makes the means for you to remain steadfast.

A glorious life in this very world is the lot of youngsters who give a red card to the hundreds of sinful pleasures that beckon: illicit relationships, movies, porn, music, drugs, to name but a few.
Do not be put off by the fact that no one else seems to be interested in obeying Allah. Take courage and go ahead. The rewards are tremendous.