Tips on Starting to Wear Hijab

Wear it for the sake of Allah.
There are various reasons why you should wear hijab, such as for modesty or protection, but the real reason we wear hijab is that Allah has commanded it. Allah is the source of everything we have. He is all there is to live for. Our object of life is to drown ourselves in His obedience and love.

Wear it for the hope of Paradise.
Allah makes tests for us in this world. He wants to see if we’ll have faith in Him, and trust Him. Allah does not let the effort of anyone go without reward. (Qur’aan 3:195). Even if nobody notices or appreciates the good you do, Allah has seen them, and He will not forget them. Yes, it's difficult to wear hijab. You may be rejected by family or friends, you may need to adjust your life. These are scary thoughts. Keep trusting in Allah, this is the path to Paradise.

Wear it and spite the Devil.
The worries and fears you have are the whisperings of the devil. He’s a thief wanting to snatch away the treasure of faith you have. You do not need to be perfect to wear hijab. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you should wait until all your worries and fears have disappeared. They never will!

Take it one day at a time.
Sometimes the future seems to stretch forever you don't think you can make it that long. Focus on each outing. Eventually the outings will turn into days and weeks and months. One day you will realize you have been wearing hijab for quite a while and it isn't as bad as you feared.

Al Muhajabah