Teens Helping the Poor

What can you, a teenager who doesn't have a lot of money or resources, do to help the poor and needy? More than you think!

1. Give a part of your allowance to the poor
That means e.g., instead of dishing out R5 a day for a can of cold drink, maybe you can save this money 2 days of the week. Then give put it in the Sadaqa box of your Musjid, give a poor person you know, or a local soup kitchen.

2. Encourage your parents to pay Zakaat
Zakaat is something too many Muslims neglect. If you are eligible to give Zakat, you must pay. If you aren't, ask your parents about if they pay Zakaat. If they are eligible and do not give Zakaat, politely emphasize to them the importance of this pillar of Islam and encourage them to start paying it.

3. Encourage a family charity project
Get the whole family to pitch in once month to a worthy cause by organizing a family charity project. Call a family meeting and discuss your idea. Then come to an agreement on how everyone can help the poor. It could be contributing a set amount a week as a group with Dad giving the money to the Musjid or setting up a box in the house where family members can privately donate.

4. Visit a poor part of town
Most big cities have ‘poor quarters areas? Sometimes, we need to see the reality of poverty right in front of us to really believe it's there. Go with your youth group to visit these areas. You don't have to necessarily bring money or food for them (although that wouldn't be a bad idea).

5. Don't just collect money
There are plenty of basic necessities that people need like shoes. So hold a shoe drive. Collect the material, arrange for transport to where it's needed, then make sure the material is properly distributed.