Sheikh Ahmad Yassin

Those martyred in the Way of Allah are alive (Al Qur’aan 2:153)

The martyrdom of Sheikh Ahmad Yasin (Mar 22, 2004) by Jewish missiles fired into his wheelchair as he was returning from Fajr prayer was condemned by the South African government along with everyone except USA. The people of SA, who lost activists of the liberation struggle in similar circumstances, understand the grief of the Palestinians.

Sheikh Yasin was an elderly, partially blind, wheelchair bound paraplegic who suffered years of torture in Jewish prisons. His killing was ordered by Israeli PM Sharon.

Sheikh Yasin, founder and spiritual head of the resistance group Hamas, was born in Al-Joura, Palestine in 1938. His family was expelled in 1948 by the Jews. He moved to Gaza where he taught Islam and was a prominent preacher.

Yasin spent a year in Cairo studying at Ain Shams University where he joined the Muslim Brotherhood.

He was arrested by the Jews in 1983 and released in 1985. In 1987 he founded Hamas. He was at the time the Gaza-based leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was rearrested in 1989.

Father to 11 children, Sheikh Yasin was released in 1997. In Jewish jails, the white-bearded Sheikh lost vision in his right eye, suffered from respiratory diseases, and incurred hearing loss. He played a key role in Palestine and was instrumental in shaping Hamas methodology.

Hamas draws its guidelines from Islam and is not Nationalistic.