Moulana Junaid Adam

In this series, we look briefly at the life and achievements of the Ulama and Mashaaikh of PE/Uitenhage. The profiling is in no particular order.

Name: Junaid Adam
Born: 1961 in Durban

Moulana completed most of his primary and secondary schooling at Orient Islamic School, Durban. On the advice of Moulana Yunus Patel, Moulana furthered his Islamic education at Darul Uoom Newcastle in 1977. He completed the secondary Islamic course in 1979.

The teachers he studied under were the late Moulana Cassim Sema rahimahullah and Moulana Mansurul Haq of Pakistan. The Darul Uloom then introduced the complete Alim course and he completed it in 1983. Moulana was in the first batch of Ulama who qualified from Darul Uloom Newcastle. His teachers were Moulana Mumtazul Haq of Pakistan, Moulana Yunus Osman, Moulana Mahmood Akram, Mufti Abdul Qadir Hoosein (now of CII), Moulana Sulaiman Goga and Moulana Munir Soofie.
Moulana worked at the Jamiatul Ulama Natal offices in its initial stages in 1984 for a year and thereafter was appointed Arabic and Islamic Studies teacher at the Lockhat Islamia College, an independent Muslim school in Durban. He taught here for 12 years and was involved in the curriculum development and syllabus formation of the Islamic studies programme at the school. In 1996 Moulana settled in PE. He taught at Nasruddin Islamic school for 2 years and at Masjidun Nur Madrasa, Bloemendaal. He is involved in social welfare, and conducts Juma lectures at Masajid in PE. Moulana was a founder member of the Council of Ulama Eastern Cape of which he is the amir. He serves as the treasurer of SANHA, and has spent time in Jamaat in places like India, Indonesia and Malawi. Moulana is married with four children. He has performed two Hajj.