The Arabian Horse

The oldest breed of horse, Arabians are the only purebred in the world. They played a significant role in history: Empires rose and fell because of this swift horse.
The Arabian horse flourished in Syria, Iraq, Iran and the Arabian peninsula. Its lineage traces back 5000 years. Arabian horses are known for being affectionate and bonding well with humans. They are the breed of choice in the endurance world because of their stamina and agility. By 1500 BC the Arabian horse was domesticated and the head men of the Arab tribes could relate the histories of each horse in his tribe as well as he could each family of Bedouin. The best war mares showed great courage in battle, taking spear thrusts without giving ground. With the rise of Islam Mujahideen and their Arabian horses spread around the world. Blood typing is required to register new foals as purebred Arabians. Arabians have been the mount of choice for leaders like Napolean, George Washington, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great. Arabians were used to improve local stock, thereby influencing directly or indirectly every other breed we have today.

Another gift of the Muslims to the world