Fish and Oil

Two people were on their deathbeds. One was a Muslim and the other a non-Muslim. The non-Muslim had a desire to eat some fish. And the Muslim wanted olive oil as a last wish. Allah Ta’ala Commanded an Angel to place a fish in the non-Muslim's pond as he had no fish. Another Angel He Commanded to go to the Muslim’s house and break a bottle of olive oil he had there so that the Muslim could not have it.
Both Angels went about their tasks. On the way they met each other and asked where they were going. The one replied that he was going to the non-Muslim to place a fish in his pond because he had a last wish to eat fish before he died. The other said that he was commanded to go to the Muslim’s house and destroy a bottle of olive oil that he had there so that his final wish could not be realized.
One asked the other if he knew the reason for the command. He said yes and explained that whenever the non-Muslim did some goodness he was compensated by Allah Ta’ala for it in this world. He had one point of good to his credit. To compensate for it he was given his final wish so that in the hereafter he can go straight to Hell. As for the Muslim, every time he committed a sin he was afflicted with some difficulty or problem or grief. He adopted patience and the sin was wiped off. He had some sin left and by enduring the grief of not getting the olive oil it would be wiped off and he need not suffer for it in the Hereafter.