Tech Watch: Islamic Organizer

With technology being an integral part of many people’s lives, here’s one way of making the indispensable cellphone help organize your Islamic life:

Nokia has designed an Islamic Organizer program that works on Nokia S-60 3rd Edition cellphones. The program either comes pre-loaded or can be downloaded free.

Supports 5 languages (English, Arabic, French, Farsi, and Urdu) depending on the phone’s current selected language.
Prayer times for any location all over the world covering famous calculation methods like Umm ul-Qura, Karachi University and Muslim World League.
Option of selecting Shafi or Hanafi Asr calculation method.
Prayer alert (with Athaan) for the daily five prayers.
Automatic activation of Silent mode after Athaan for the duration of Salaah to facilitate reading in a Musjid.
A full Hijri Calendar with the Islamic date automatically displayed. Option allows correction of date depending on moon sighting.
Determining Qibla directions with traditional methods or an advanced method using the phone’s GPS.
Database with more than 200 countries and 1,000 cities. Tailor-made co-ordinates can also be entered.
Shows time left for next Salaah.

All in all, a useful and powerful tool to help a Muslim be punctual with the most important activity of his/her life: Salaah.