Africa Muslims Agency

This Relief agency has been serving the destitute of Africa for 25 years and at the same time spreading the word of Islam.
It has over three thousand full time staff across the continent of Africa. It provides: food to the starving and hungry, water to the thirsty, shelter to the destitute, medical care to the sick, education to the needy, thereby restoring the dignity, respect and honour of our fellow Muslims throughout Africa.

Some of its achievements (by 2004):

  • Established 850 schools and 2 universities
  • Funded the study of 95 thousand needy African students
  • Translated and printed 7.5 million booklets in 18 languages
  • Awarded 300 scholarships for higher studies
  • Built and administrates 204 centres (school, orphanage, Musjid, women’s training centre, clinic, agricultural land, etc)
  • Sponsors 10 000 orphans
  • Established 4250 wells
  • Constructed three dams
  • Built 2200 Musjids
  • Built and administrates 134 hospitals and clinics
  • Dispatched more than 165 000 tons of food, medicine and clothing as aid to the poor in addition to numerous other works.