Last Minute

He got up and realized that there were only 15 minutes before Esha prayers. He quickly made Wudhu and performed Maghrib. On completing he went into Sajda and stayed there a while. He’d been at school and Madresa and was tired.
He awoke abruptly to the sound of noise and shouting. He was sweating profusely. He looked around. It was very crowded. Every direction he looked was filled with people. Some stood frozen, some were running around, others were on their knees with their heads in their hands, just waiting. Fear filled him as he realized where he was: It was the Day of Judgment!
The reckoning was still on. He began moving frantically. All of a sudden his name was called and the crowd split, making a passage for him. Two Angels took him forward. His whole life passed in front of his eyes. He pleaded his case, saying he had fasted Ramadaan, read Salaah, helped the poor. He was sweating like never before and shaking all over. His eyes were fixed on the scale, waiting for the decision. His name was read out for Jahannam (Hell).
He screamed as he was dragged towards the blazing heat. ‘Where are my Salaah?’ he cried. He was pushed in, and as he fell he was grabbed and pulled back. An old man held him. ‘Who are you?’ he asked the man. ‘I am your prayers,’ said the old man. ‘Why were you so late?’ asked the boy. The old man said, ‘You always performed me late, at the last minute.’