Pillars of Love

THE QUR’AAN states that Muslims love Allah. Even if there was no Hell for disobeying Allah, a Muslim would obey Him because he/she loves Him.
The pillars of Islam can be seen as an expression of the lovers’ (Muslim’s) love for Allah (the beloved):

Lovers are always communicating with one another. Hours on the phone bear testimony to this.
In Salaah a Muslim communicates with Allah.

Who would a lover be without spending money on his beloved? Flowers, chocolates and other endearments of love.
Zakaat and other charities are the means of a Muslim spending for the sake of his/her Beloved.

If the beloved doesn’t like a trait in the lover, how quick doesn’t he stay away from it for his beloved’s sake?
With fasting a Muslim abstains from his/her likes of food and drink for Allah’s pleasure.

A lover is prepared to leave his home and family for the beloved.
In Hajj a Muslim leaves everything for his/her Beloved Allah.