In 1998 Muslims involved in welfare work realized that a large percentage of family hardship was due to drugs.

THEY SET UP the Refocus And Upliftment Foundation (R.A.U.F) to counsel drug addicts and ended up having a treatment centre with 20 to 30 in-patients at a time.
R.A.U.F carries out numerous awareness campaigns to highlight the seriousness of the drug problem and maintains that every little step taken to help an addict is a major step in maintaining a sober society.

INITIALLY HOME visits are carried out. The addict is then motivated to attend a bi-weekly out-patients programme. If need be, they are admitted as in-patients.
The in-patient programme can take from six weeks to six months. An effort is made to unite the patient with his/her family. On release, they are fetched for the out-patients’ programme for two years.

THE PROGRAMMES have an Islamic ethos and group therapy sessions are conducted. Patients are empowered with skills development as well. A special women’s support group is held every week.

GROUPS SUCH as R.A.U.F serve to keep the otherwise rejected people like addicts within the support base of the Muslim community, praiseworthy indeed.