Olympic Myths

THE OLYMPICS is a multi-billion rand spectacle involving 10,500 athletes, 3,7 billion viewers (or half the earth’s population) and 21,500 journalists.

Resources wasted. Valuable wealth, talent and time that could have been used in making the world a better place are squandered in staggering amounts.
Mirage. Youth is enticed into thinking that sport is a pinnacle to aspire to whereas it is a mirage - nothing is gained in reality; sport is not an end in itself nor a significant achievement.

If you thought that the games were a means of uniting mankind, think again. The 1st Olympics were war games to prepare men for battle and drugs and cheating played their part.
The Olympic torch goes on a 78-day global journey prior to the games and is apparently a symbol of peace and unity. Where did it start? In Nazi Germany for the 1936 games. Hitler’s minions thought it out! So much for peace.
The idea comes from fire that played a part in ancient, pagan religious ceremonies like those at Olympia (where the torch is first lit from the sun’s rays).