Al Imdaad Foundation

The Al-Imdaad Foundation is a non-profit relief organisation (NGO), providing humanitarian services in crisis and non-crisis situations to orphans, widows and destitute, irrespective of race, religion, culture and boundary within the limits of Shariah. Al-Imdaad provides these services under the supervision of Ulema from South Africa and abroad. All trustees and personnel serve on a voluntary basis.

Al Imdaad has assisted in:

  • Dafur
  • Iraq - Fallujah and Ramadi
  • Algeria’s earthquake in 2003
  • The Gujerat, India genocide
  • Floods in Assam, India and Bangladesh

Al Imdaad took aid collected from Muslims in SA to these far-off places of the world. They run pledge lines on Muslim radio stations and co-ordinate with the SA government as well as overseas ones like Jordan. Patrons include Mufti Raza ul Haq and Moulana Shabier Saloojee (the Ameer) of Darul Uloom Zakariyya.

For further details:
Moulana Ahmed Chohan : 082 33 786 74
Qari Ziyaad Patel : 082 786 7755


SMS Updates: SMS cell no. to: 0836420547