Islamic Careline

Islamic Careline is a voluntary counselling service functioning under the auspices of the Jamiatiul Ulama Gauteng. It started in 1992. It’s run by trained female counsellors and women who have problems are encouraged to call.

Among services rendered are:

  • Training Volunteers on Problem-solving Skills
  • Marital and Family-related Problem Counselling
  • Child Abuse Matters
  • Lifestyle Education Programme for schools
  • Drug Awareness Programme
  • Skills Training for Unemployed Women
  • Financial, Emotional Problems Counselling
  • General Counselling
  • Muslim AIDS Awareness Programme (MAP)

It services 300 cases per month ranging from marital and family discord to abuse and family violence as well as trauma debriefing and HIV/AIDS counselling. The Islamic Careline also does poverty alleviation focusing on informal settlements.
The Islamic Careline now has an office shared with the MAP; as well as 3 counselling rooms, 3 telephonic counselling rooms and a play therapy room.

Contact the Islamic Careline
Tel: +27 (0) 11 838-6085/6